Our Moonflower MISSION

Our mission at MoonFlower is to help improve the health and wellness of humans and pets by providing them with the purest quality CBD, produced with natural clean ingredients. We strive to keep our customers and their pets top of mind with transparency, education and integrity.

Our Moonflower STORY

  • We have both been passionate about marijuana’s benefits long before meeting each other, and no, we don’t just mean that we were stoners in high school…
  • In college Angela actually wrote a HUGE research paper on legalizing marijuana and how many benefits we were leaving on the table by not doing so.
  • Josh, growing up holistically, always looks to the most natural approach for remedies and was always aware of what he was putting into his body. So basically, we were destined to do this together.
  • Not long after we became “serious’ we knew that one day we would own a dispensary together. At the time, legalizing marijuana was still a long ways out, but it felt like the perfect dream life.
  • Working together comes easy to us as we have done so many times in the past, so we get excited when we imagine what our future day to day looks like: educating, selling and sharing a miracle plant that can help people and animals in so many ways, with our dogs by our feet, in a badass little retail shop designed by us. Yep, perfect.

Our MoonDog Crew

— Ryley —
Ri-Guy, Riley Cyrus, Rowdy Riley, Ri-Ri, Dumbass.
9 year old Mini- Dachshund- 12lbs

Ball is Life.
FULL of energy. He is our social butterfly and will leave with anyone that is willing to play fetch with him. He will most likely die playing fetch. He will even bring you rocks to throw if a ball is not available. VERY food driven and will eat anything offered to him. Knows three tricks- sit, shake and lay down. and FETCH! Did I mention he loves fetch? He loves to snuggle when he finally settles down and spends most of his days getting beat up by the big dog. He loves to run 5k's with mom and dad, and has earned a few medals himself.
— Zēke —
Z, ZZ, Zeekers, Bubba, Handsome, Sexy, Sir.
10 months old, 72lbs Full-Sized Doberman

Full of energy and love and he doesn’t realize how big he is. Mr social just wants to be besties with every dog he meets. He is a big baby at heart.. afraid of everything but extremely curious. He guards us often, but mostly of his own reflection… He doesn’t know how to relax (taking after his Mama) but once he is in for the night, he’s out until morning. He is very food driven, knows a TON of tricks and learning more daily. He LOVES to play… toys, wrestling, fetch, bird chasing, he isn’t picky. He LOVES birds and airplanes and tends to chase big bugs around the yard. He is so damn handsome but isn’t cocky about it… yet 😛 He can be super sweet and lovey when he wants to… feel special if it happens to you. He LOVES Riley obsessively and still hasn’t won over Gypsy’s affection but he tries daily. He loves to train with mom and play with dad and terrorize the littles.
— Gypsy Queen —
Gyps. Pips. Nine-nip Gyps. G. Gyppers.

12 year old mini- dachshund- 9lbs Give this girl a chance and she will snuggle until you die. Upon first meeting, she will bark your face off and seem very RUDE. Its just a front. She sleeps alll day long… Could careless about a toy but surprises us sometimes. She does love to eat and will let you know the second it is dinner time. She knows how to sit (which sometimes will be a squat if you don’t look closely) sit pretty and do circles. We are currently working on stay and “around.” Her nose is INSANELY good. She will find candy you didn’t even know you had in your purse. You will most likely find her in one of our laps or perched somewhere in the sun.
— Our Old Girl Skye —
Fast Forward to Recent Years ...
It was 2017, she just turned 11 and it seemed like we would lose her soon.She was barely wanting to stand up from a lay, would hardly go outside to even pee and just wasn’t herself. CBD was now becoming mainstream and readily available and after reading a ton of stuff on it’s benefits for not only humans but animals we were beyond intrigued and ready to start dosing all of us, immediately.

— Side note/Back story on Skye is she had beginning stages of arthritis that seemed to be worsening quickly, awful allergies that caused her to itch so badly she would legit create large open/raw sores all over herself… we had desperately tried every product, injection, pill, food and supplement on the market to heal or even lessen the symptoms… nothing was working. —

We were convinced that CBD was going to help her with the joint pain and inflammation and literally saw a change in three days. That change you ask? Her nub was wagging. We both noticed and talked about how long it had been since she had done so. Fast forward a few months and we have an entirely different dog on our hands. Fast forward a few more to a vet visit when she said “there is no way this is the same dog” and wanted all of the details and dosages so she could share with a couple other clients who were just as desperate and had tried everything too.

What we discovered was not only were we treating the inflammation and pain of the arthritis with the CBD, but we were also fixing her skin issues. BONUS! Her skin and coat were the healthiest it had ever looked and she never had an issue with hot spots or skin peeling sores ever again. She was 12 years old and people would ask if she was a puppy. CBD is a miracle plant with so many benefits for humans and animals we KNEW we had to start researching on how we can get involved. We wanted to immediately start educating people on the benefits and sharing this with the world.

Unfortunately old age became too much for our Skye and we lost her in 2020. The two mini-dachshunds kept us busy for almost a year until we got our Doberman puppy this past summer and all three get daily doses of CBD and very happily take it from the dropper. They are all on a maintenace dose as we have no issues that we need to treat currently, but we see so many benefits from giving it as a daily supplement that we would never be without a bottle.

A Little Bit

About Us

We are Josh & Angela Moon.
We have been together for over 13 years and really are each other’s best friend. We have three, very spoiled dogs (fur-babies) Gypsy, Riley + Zēke that we are totally obsessed with.

We both love to travel, binge our favorite shows, attend sports games and ride in our convertible with the top down. We enjoy being active; working out, running, biking, yoga.. we are up for almost anything. We both love good food, especially when paired with better friends. We give experiences not things, prefer hugs over handshakes and acknowledge every dog that passes by. We are both very much animal lovers and would own a zoo if we could.


Angela is a full-time photographer. She loves her friends and being social. She loves dogs, wine, sports and anything witchy. She loves to travel, go on hikes/walks, listen to books on audible and all types of music. She loves a good sunset, but a sunrise will also do. She loves living near the water in her warm state of Florida and Nothing beats a messy bun with the windows down and music loud. She is a proud plant mom with countless plants around the house. She would own ten dogs if she could and surround herself with fish and lizards and all the pets if it were possible.

Some Health Facts

Angela had back surgery in 2009 and refused to take the pain killers past a certain point in rehabilitation and relied mostly on smoking weed to get her through pain. This wasn’t yet “the way” and accepted as it is today or even as easy as getting your medical card, but she refused to be a statistic and become addicted to pills like most were doing at the time. A few years ago Angela was able to replace antidepressants with micro-dosing CBD throughout the day and also smoking the proper strands of marijuana that were never readily available before. Now that they’re medically available, she has been able to test each one and find what works best for her. With the ability to micro-dose sativa strands through out the day to stay focused, she has also removed her prescribed ADHD medicines. Happily living on marijuana and CBD, leaving all of that garbage behind her.


From any early age his mother taught him that a healthy, holistic approach was the best way to treat our bodies and uses the same approach today. Josh discovered cannabis after graduating high school and found an immediate connection and relief from the plant. Cannabis put him in a better state of mind and helped with focus and drive. It also helped reduce and alleviate a variety of different symptoms his body was going through. He played multiple sports including baseball, basketball and track, so his body was always dealing with inflammation, sore joints and injuries. He began to research and educate himself on this amazing plant to find out all the benefits it had to offer. This is when he first learned about CBD and the non-psychoactive benefits it had to offer not only to the human body but for our pets as well. He still loves to run, play basketball and recently, golfing has been his newest addiction. Spending time with his 3 pups is his all time favorite activity. Cannabis is still a huge part of his pre-workout and post workout routines and he uses CBD tinctures for mental clarity and focus, recovery from inflammation and to assist with sleeping. Josh has seen the amazing benefits of cannabis not only in his life but in the lives of so many others which is why MOONFLOWER has come to be.
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